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Newcastle United vs Manchester City

Manchester City won the league with a game to spare, but the game will always be remembered for the Manchester United goal that almost gave Newcastle the title. City had already clinched the top two spots and then came the shocker. It was just a bit too close to call. But in the end it was a 0-0 draw. The game had many memorable moments but this was my favourite. After the match I walked to the city centre to a pub. In front of me was a Manchester United supporter and after a few drinks we had a chat. He told me about his life in Manchester and he had been there all his life. He was on his third season in the league and had scored two goals this season in 14 appearances for the Red Devils. It's amazing how the game can make you understand someone. I asked him if he'd been with any girls in the past year and he replied that his girlfriend was the one who he was looking forward to meeting this week. He told me that he's been there before in his native England and that's how he met her, they dated for a year before he got her pregnant.

The other day I went to a nightclub in central London. In this particular nightclub they have an Asian girl with a blonde bob, and a guy with a dark, long bob. I asked the blonde why she was here and she said it was her birthday. I asked her why she's wearing a birthday dress. She replied "It's my first one!" The blonde said that she was also wearing it for her birthday but girls to date for free that she couldn't be bothered to get it on. I asked her if she liked it. She replied "Of course, I love it!" "Oh, so you really like it?" I asked her. "Yes!" She responded. "You must be very lucky for this one!" I said "No, I'm very lucky to have her! I am a very lucky guy!" She said "Yes, you are very lucky!" I said "Yeah, but you know, I can't help it!" She said "It's just, I'm so lucky. I was born in this country. She said "This one must be beautiful. And you must be a lucky guy." I was in shock. This girl was really serious. I said "What? You are talking about me? Are you crazy?" She said "Yes, of course, of course you are. But I've been to China. I've been there twice and met hundreds of women. You should be lucky. Because you will be. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful place to live. But it's an ugly place too. You are a lucky man to have met me." And I looked at her and said "You can say whatever you want because I can go back to my single asian ladies in australia house and fuck it if I want to, right?" She said "No, I mean you have to be honest with me because I love being an Asian beauty. And I love being beautiful, too."

She then said "I love being Asian, but if I ever meet an Asian guy, I will dump him because I'm not an Asian woman. You see what I mean?" And I said "It's so easy to say that, and I don't even care, because it's true." But, I was just so nervous. She then turned to me and said "I love Asian men, but that doesn't mean that I want them." I didn't want them! I was so anxious about meeting any of them, and being rejected by every single one of them. It was just, a total blow to my ego. She laughed, but I heard a bit of an embarrassed laugh. I was like, "I'm just fucking kidding." So I continued, "I love Asian men because I believe that they can bring me joy." And she said "Oh yeah, they can! They're so beautiful." And she continued, "Oh, they're just so sexy!" And I said "Yeah! But don't tell me www date in asia com about your sex life." She said "No! But you should know about mine!" I said, "I know nothing about sex! It's just what I want to hear."

The next thing I remember was my friends at school and one of them told me, "She's so fucking hot!" I started to be like, "She's just an Asian slut." They were like "You have to be crazy!" And I said, "No, she just has this great voice, and a pretty face." And then she went to her friend's house and she was like, "She's just the best friend ever!"

And my parents were like, "No, she just can't talk to boys." So, I continued, "So, why don't you give me a phone call." So, I called her and she said, "No, I don't have time for this shit!" And she hung up on me. But the next day, my friends had a meeting with this Asian beauty. And I went with them to their apartment and I just told them, "She's the best friend I have ever had, and I'm just free aussie dating a guy who needs a friend."

The next thing I cupid dating site australia remember was my parents, who were very understanding. They were like, "It's okay. You just don't understand what you're doing." I was so pissed off. I was so angry. My mother said "Look, the only reason you're mad is that you want to be friends with single girls near me this beautiful girl, but you just can't understand her."

And I remember the next day country dating australia at school when I showed up to school with a girl that I liked. They were like, "Where did that girl come from?" I said, "I met her at school!"

After that, I went to a Chinese restaurant called Sichuan restaurant in New York City.