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cupid media

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About Cupid Media

A media and communication specialist with over 20 years experience in the industry, Dr. Celine Janssen works to find and connect you with the people who are making your dream come true.

She has been featured in a wide variety of publications such as Men's Health, The Hollywood Reporter and The Huffington Post, as well as numerous magazine covers. A graduate of Cornell University and Harvard Law School, she is currently pursuing her Doctorate at Harvard Law School, and hopes to one day work with law enforcement and the justice system to provide a safer community for the young people.

The cupid media team consists of 2 full-time editors, and 2 interns: Dr. Celine Janssen and Jennifer Van Vechten. The editors, Dr. Celine and Jennifer, have been editing for the cupid media since 2011. They're very excited about this project, and want to make sure it is the best it can be!

In addition to editing the cupid media, Jennifer and Dr. Celine are co-founders of Cupid Media. Cupid Media is an independent publication, funded and designed to empower women around the world to live and love as cupid-like women. Their mission is to bring a unique voice to the world's media by creating innovative and compelling narratives, which help promote a healthier and happier world. The cupid media was created as a way to build upon the cupid media team, but also to help www date in asia com bring a new generation of people to the world.

About the Author: Dr. Celine Chiu is a self-taught writer and a lover of nature, wildlife, and animals, with a passion for educating and informing about all aspects of nature. Celine's expertise and love of stories and stories about animals, history and culture, make her the best person to write about Cupid Media. About The Author: Dr. Celine Chiu has been a professional writer for over 20 years, writing for publications ranging from personal journals and personal blogs to journals, websites and journals, magazines, e-books and journals. Her work has been published in the leading periodicals such as Women's Day, Life, New York Review of Books, the San Francisco Chronicle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and other leading magazines in the USA and Canada. She is also the editor and publisher of the acclaimed online magazine, The Nature Journal, a quarterly magazine devoted to her passion for nature and animals. Dr. Chiu's articles have been featured by Nature, The New York Times and others. Her publications and articles have been translated into over twenty languages. Dr. Chiu has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and an MBA from UC Berkeley, and is a certified personal trainer. She's married to a wonderful guy called Dave, and has 3 children and a beautiful dog, Gio. She enjoys being a stay-at-home mom and spending time with her 3 kids and her dog. If you like this website and want to learn how to attract the girls, try Dr. Chiu's free eBook. Click here to read more about her free e-book.

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