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date asian ladies

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I felt her hot breath against my neck, and then she started kissing me and her tongue started in my mouth. She then moved her body so that I was on top of her, but I could still see her tits and nipples, so I was thinking to myself "Oh God I can't believe this is happening!" When we were kissing, she said she didn't want to sleep with anyone tonight and started to lean on me, but then I pulled her off and I told her "If you want to have a dreamy night with me, I am not in the mood". She then put her arms around me and started pulling me closer to her and I kissed her. I then reached over and started caressing her chest. At that point she got off me and said she wanted to go to sleep and would be back soon. She then told me she would be the first one in the morning. When she got out of bed I told her "I want to show you some of the things I saw". She said she wanted to watch a www date in asia com movie and she came back to the bed, she then grabbed my face and kissed me. When she took her hand away she said "don't do this anymore. Don't ever kiss my chest again." I said "what is wrong with you? You are always kissing my chest". She started sobbing and crying, she then got up and told me "I am scared of you". I told her she is only scared of what I will do to her. She said I will hurt her and that I will make her feel scared of me. I asked her to stop and she refused. I then left her house and she was crying in the car, she said "I don't want to leave you". So I decided to take her out on the street and we kissed. We got on the bus, I asked her to be my first date.