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I have to admit, my last attempt at trying out a hot asian girl was a failure, so this time I have to find someone more like this hot girl to get my panties in a bunch. I mean, I've seen a few hot asian girls online but I just don't see that asian girl I was looking for and I just can't seem to find her on the internet. I've seen so many pictures of her, I know what she looks like, and I can find her on a website.

I've looked through the pictures and some of them just don't look like her. The picture doesn't look very asian at all. It's not even close to her. There are some good ones in her profile, and I can just see her with a few glasses and not like her asianness. Then I see her on country dating australia this website. I just can't believe this girl is from Japan. I mean, I can understand why she moved there, I'm not even from Japan. But this girl, I don't even know her name! She just looks like a random white girl with asian features and a face I've never seen before. She even looks like a white girl, too. The only thing I can tell you about her is her name. That is all. I don't care if she has green eyes www date in asia com and white teeth or brown eyes and blue teeth. I'm just happy she moved to this country so she can do whatever she wants to do. But I'm pretty sure she would've married one of the white boys, I bet.

Now, I've been reading a lot of articles recently about the white man and his obsession with Asia, and I've noticed something. Asian women are treated as the "special snowflake" or something, so when white men come along and start to take the Asian woman for granted, it's really easy to forget that they're dealing with a lot more cultural baggage than you and I would think. But I've never heard it used so lightly, so casually. I mean, if I say "Hey, Asian chick, I'm a white guy, how are you?" and she just rolls her eyes and says "Oh, I don't care", I'm not the only one who's got it coming. It's like that with every single interaction with a girl. It's like "Oh, I'm a white guy, I can be whatever I want to be." It's not just that you're white, you're just "white" in this sense. It's a little like being in a relationship with a guy that only loves you for your body and your looks and your sex drive, and then you feel like you deserve anything but those. It's the same thing, but just more subtle. And so in all this I'm kind of wondering, how can I talk to girls and explain this thing better, more honestly, more frankly, and maybe convince a lot of them to open up to me?

So, yeah. I'm just glad that I know single asian ladies in australia how to talk to girls about it. I mean, it's not easy, it's not always easy. It's not easy to make it sound like it's this cool thing, but then I have a girl who's like, "I free aussie dating feel like I am like a white guy who's like super good-looking and single girls near me a good speaker and I've made girls to date for free it to this point. I don't cupid dating site australia have to worry about my career, or anything because I'm just such a good-looking guy. Like I've done this and I'm not even good-looking. And I can do that, you know, and that's the thing I love about it." And I just, you know, she's like, "Okay. I have this really great life." So it's not like I am super good-looking. I'm just the guy who does good-looking things.


I mean, look at all this beautiful stuff that's out there, and look at how they're so fucking happy with themselves, because they've all been told that, you know? They're taught that they're not good enough. And they're always told not to worry about their career, because that's the way they should be. And so they're like, "That's good-looking. I don't need to work." "That's good-looking. I'm going to get my degree." "That's good-looking. I'll probably get my Ph.D." And I was like, "Are you fucking kidding me? You're not good enough. You don't look good."

And the more you tell them that, the more they get upset, and they're like, "Why don't you just get yourself a car and just buy a Ferrari. That's your dream car. You're not good enough to have a Lamborghini." And it was such a huge wakeup call to me, because it was like, "Look, I'm not going to let this happen to you. You 're going to find a way to succeed. There's a difference between being good and being really good." That's the thing. If you are really good, it just isn't fair. I know, it's hard to hear.


If you think about it, it's really hard for a white person to be that good. They've got their shit together. They've got good grades, good job, they're married and they're well-respected, and they have their own career and family and friends. And then you have a bunch of people that have no job or no family and are really bad. And they're the same, even when they're better. Even when they're better than they are, they're still the same. And you have these different races and different backgrounds that go hand in hand. And that's why when it's not you, when you don't have the ability, then you can be like, "Why does this happen ? Why are there this many people like this?"

When it's you that's being a victim, and you're thinking "Why is this happening to me?" You're just as much a victim as they are.