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I'm not interested in meeting hot girls in an environment of fear and intimidation. I'm interested in meeting beautiful women. So I ask this question: How do I get them to date me? What's my approach, and why should she want to date me?

I know that many of you are curious about my dating philosophy. I will explain my approach. It might be a little different from yours. It's not as if I'm going to change my ways for you. I'll explain that I think a woman's best chance of getting a man to commit to her is to get him to know her. In other words, she has to make a real connection with him, by her very presence. This is why I focus so much on making her feel good. A guy has a hard time believing in me, but I know my stuff.

I'll be honest: when I first met her, she was a lot more attractive than I realized. I was so jealous. That was when I learned that women's bodies are so beautiful, there's nothing they could not do for me. And what do I have to lose? So how do I attract women? In order to do this, I've spent the past few months working with my free aussie dating friends and the girls I've been introduced to. I've been working with the most amazing female trainers and psychologists in the world. And one of the key things I learned was that men and women don't have the same desire for what I think women would want to have. In my opinion, the female body is so beautiful and powerful that it doesn't need to look perfect. That's why when I go to bars or clubs, I don't just look at the girls who are attractive. I want to see the real thing because I know girls to date for free it's there. And the girls in those bars and clubs are more than attractive. They are a part of my family, my tribe. They are part of the people I love. I'm trying to be with those people, not just one or two. So when I get to those clubs or bars, I want to touch the girls. Not just look at them. And if I can't get to them, if I cannot meet them, I'm going to cupid dating site australia give up. I'll leave. And I'll never go back. And I'm going to get to a club with a group of girls and they're all my age. I'm gonna be like, "Oh my God, I've got to go talk to this girl." And I'll talk to her and talk to the other girls. And I'll get to know a lot of them. I'll meet some that I'm attracted to.


I was a young guy, and I had been in a relationship for about two years. And we had been together for about seven years when it started getting tough for me. I think it started with my career and then I had to go through some stuff that was really, really tough for me. And I was dealing with that and it just became so bad for me and I was like, "I can't do this anymore. I can't do this any more. This is not good enough." And that's when it hit me. I just was like, "That's what's going to kill me. That's what's gonna kill me, this isn't good enough for me." So I just took a step back and I said, "I'm just gonna let go." And it's funny because it was not my intention to take a step back. I didn't realize at that point what it would be like to be an ex-man-who-was-afraid. I just knew that I had to let it go. It's just something that's in me that I feel like I've lost my way with.

But I wanted to be clear that I have not left the game, which was also why I wrote this. The truth of the matter is that I never really felt like I had much choice. My heart was just in that direction and I had no idea what would happen. It had just been like the dream of the last 20 years or so. That's not to say that I'm done playing, of course I still have some good times and I think I can grow as a person and a man. But I never really considered the possibility that I'd leave the game. I've met so many amazing women through the game that I didn't really want to be alone. The most recent one is the one who helped me to make the decision to step away from the game. I'm sure that's not what I would have wanted, but I don't think I could have stayed on as long as I have with this woman. It's a hard pill to swallow, but it was the only option for me. I'm sure there are other women who don't feel the same way, but I know that for me it's the only option.