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What is Pantira?

Pantira is a website dedicated to women dating from all over the world. They are an international dating site that boasts over 2 million users. In this site, you will find an international community of female dating professionals and women who want to experience dating the way women in the rest single asian ladies in australia of the world do it. Pantira is not just about meeting women, but also about making a personal connection and getting to know you a bit better.

There are a large number of dating professionals in the pantira community, and these are not just girls looking for a guy to date. They are a community of women who want to have fun, have fun, and to meet new people. They believe that it is not a man's responsibility to find a wife. They want a woman who will help them with all the challenges and worries of being a woman. They are women who have had to go through men, not men trying to find them a man. They want to meet someone who is a part of their lives and who is going to be an excellent addition to the family. They want to be happy. If you're interested in dating a woman from the pantira community, take the time to read some of the links below to get your head around these women and find out what life with a pantira woman is like.


The Pantira community is comprised of women from all over the world and in many parts of the world. Most of these women live together in a community which is called a pantira. There are various pantiras all across the world, but the main pantira in South America is the Pantira PerĂº (also known as The Pantira of PerĂº). The most popular pantira in Africa is the Pantira of Zanzibar.

Pantira women usually live together in the community and are in the process of forming lasting relationships. They are known to take their own lives and are not out to escape abusive relationships. Some women have had affairs and some have committed suicide. In the pantira community, it is quite common to have one woman or a small group of women who are all living together and being sexually active. The women may be from different countries, but the community is very open to foreign women. These women are not married and are often single and living with their boyfriends. The main objective of the pantira is to form a lasting relationship. There is no pressure to have children. There is no emphasis on marriage.