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About Poosi:

Poosi (ユウソニー) is an app that allows users to share single asian ladies in australia their experiences on dating apps, and help each other out. All of the information is collected by Poosi, so if you're on a date with another user, all you have to do is ask them to log their info on your Poosi account to see if there's a match or not.

You can also set your own rules for your date, allowing you to set up rules based on whether you want to see your own info, or a stranger's. There's also a list of profiles of users you may find interesting to meet (as well as a chat room) where users are chatting to each other as well.

Poosi is made in Japan, and is also available in English, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), and Arabic. Poosi works on both the iPhone and the Android operating systems, but you'll have to pay to install the apps. The price depends on how many profiles you have.

If you're thinking about getting into online dating, I recommend picking up the Poosi app and joining up with other Japanese users. If you're interested in finding your own match, make sure to check out the user profiles I've put up on this site. They'll get you started.

Poosi is currently available on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. It also has a version for Android phones.

Poosi is an app you'll want to download and install. If you haven't seen it already, it's got a few features that are very attractive to us women: 1. You can see your own photos of people, too. 2. You can send photos to other girls , as well. 3. You can check other girls' ratings of other girls. 4. You can chat with other girls, too. 5. You can take pictures of girls, and put them in the database. 6. You can share your photos on Facebook. 7. You can start a discussion on our message boards. 8. You can get updates and information from each other on events, trends and pictures from your country or region.

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