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Do not post anything about teo42's personal life, especially if teo42 is the main character.

If you wish to write something about teo42, it should be a story about how teo42 would like to be in an upcoming anime. For example, a manga, an anime, or a manga crossover. No other types of anime are allowed. Do not cupid dating site australia post anything that teo42 has posted before (e.g., the same image, the same character, the same idea, etc.). The original post should always be the original source. If a link to a fan art, a song, or a poem is not available on your account, please ask for permission before posting the link. Do not post links to teo42's personal profile or personal website. This is because it is the users responsibility to ensure that they are not posting any illegal content. If you are not sure, contact teo42 through Steam (Teo42) or Steam Workshop. This applies even to posts by other members of this wiki, so don't just assume it's okay to post here without asking permission first.

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Please note: The contents of this article have been updated for the official release of the game.

Teo42 was first mentioned in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts, and he is an NPC, located inside the www date in asia com Old Mill Inn, in the Mojave Wasteland. He is the brother of Teo42, a man who has been arrested for being an informant. He is the one who was captured and kept in prison until the day that the player character arrives. He is a fairly tall man, with a slight build and hair that is light gray with black highlights. His eyes are a slightly smaller version of his father's, with two black dots behind his eyes, and a small mole on his left cheek. Teo42's voice actor, James Hobbs, is the same actor who plays the character Teo in Fallout 2. The only difference between Teo42 and Teo is that Teo42 is the first person ever to be identified as a "boy" in the game, and Teo42 appears to be of Italian descent.

Relationships Edit

In the pre-release version of Honest Hearts, the player can choose to befriend Teo42 or not. A lot of it is random. If you befriend him, you get a unique conversation, "Let's go for a hike," in which you can talk about his hobbies and say hi to his father.

Teo42 does not seem to have any actual relationships in the main game, with the exception of his father, who is the main reason why he is befriended by the player.

Personality and Traits Edit

Teo42 is rather quiet, usually sitting at the base of a hill, listening to birds. He is also rather intelligent, with the player finding a lot of references in his dialogue that girls to date for free could be related to the theme music he plays. He has the ability to change clothes, so it is possible that the character is a dresser, and you will find a dresser in his house. However, this may also be a reference to the "Wine Room" in the game The Witcher: Wild Hunt. However, his personality also seems to be based off of the protagonist of the novel by the same name: the protagonist was a shy and introverted young country dating australia boy who was obsessed with reading and a bit of a nerd. Teo42's story is reminiscent of this: after reading his book, the boy finds himself in the town of Bittermark where the townspeople are all extremely shy and introverted, he immediately begins to change and the town is transformed.

It is also worth mentioning that Teo42 is also a reference to the popular game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which free aussie dating was released earlier in 2014. The game also stars a protagonist who is a hunter, a Witcher who goes on a quest to kill monsters and also has a mysterious past. The game is set in a fictional world which is called Wild Hunt.